The cult
in the Old Town


Social events

We know how important integration is. This is the day when our guests will have the opportunity to get to know each other better.


Special events

Company parties, surprise events, celebrations of success? Of course! GG is tailored to the needs of our guests.


Organisation of birthdays

It's a special day for the birthday boy or girl. Decorate the hall, sing a hundred years through the microphone, choose a song on demand. Drink champagne and party till dawn!



Did you know that singing improves mood, memory and cognition? So show what you can do, but not just once!


We don't have customers, we have guests

The Old Town is one of the most beautiful places in Warsaw, and we are located just around the corner from the Sigismund's Column. We are already 12 years old! We are a cult Shot Bar located on a charming street. Thanks to our flexibility, we adapt to the needs of our guests, so that the vibe of GG turns into a club party, theme party or karaoke party. The menu includes a wide range of shots and cocktails.